About Us

Gofresh is a venture of Invitante Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (ISPL) is a pioneering Food-Tech start-up working on quality food preparation and distribution through cutting edge, innovative systems. As more and more consumers are moving towards healthier, hygienic & freshly made food products the vending ecosystem is striving to keep up and accommodate ever-changing tastes to secure its market position. Gofresh aims to establish itself as a competitive player in this in-demand market by designing and developing a brand new generation of Fully Automatic Self-Monitoring systems for the preparation and distribution of delicious, top quality, fresh products.


Dishant Garg
Vikash Gupta
Mrityunjay Baksh Singh

Our highly skilled team is connected to a network of prestigious government organizations, Incubators, engineering universities, high-tech firms, organic agri-food businesses and a pool of mentors & investors having wide experience in the industry to guide us to the right path.

We believe anything is possible if people try their best, are humble & look for ways to get better all the time.

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